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01. Julia

A party night. The morning after. The sweet scent of innocence in the air blended with a subtle dash of immorality. Eroticism is omnipresent, the relics of the night cannot be covered up. What happened? A brief eye contact, the desire triumphed over sanity and determined the fate of two people. The Song "Julia" takes the listener on their short, intense journey, leaving the outcome of the story open in a way.

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02. Became a Stranger

The day has come. The long period of silence ends at this very moment. Hypocrisy, alienation and slander have determined everyday life and one's own emotional world for far too long. Dishonest to others and especially with yourself, until it slowly but surely eats you up inside. The breakout from these constraints and the illusory world that was created over the years is imminent. Never again dishonest. Never again be a stranger in your own body. It's time to finally reveal yourself. Are you following me?

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03. Modern Town

Imagine: You are alone in an unknown city. No one is there to support you, comfort you or is lending you a hand or a shoulder to lean on. The only constant feature in your life is the certitude to fall into an uncontrolled state of intoxication the next night. To anaesthetize everything inside you. What keeps you alive? There is a ray of hope, an anchor, which you can no longer perceive because of the dense fogginess in your head. Your silent cry for help is heard, but rescue remains unsuccessful. Well-meant words roll off a cold bodily cover like rainon an old leather jacket. It is too late. The swamp has already engulfed you up to the tip of your nose. He tried. He failed. And is haunted his entire life by the feeling that he didn't do everything he could to save you.

David Tóth

Gesang; Rhythmusgitarre

Darlene Barnack

Gesang; Bass

Paulus Krumrein


Jonas Krautwurm

Gesang; Drums


Are you ready for an intense trip through the seven emotional stages of your existence? By diving into the music of Seventh Floor, the embracing feeling of being understood flows through the audience. To be accepted. To be heard. They speak out what you think. Relentlessly pointing out what probably at some point has occupied each and every one of us. And also because they are not afraid to occasionally put their finger directly into the wound.

In doing so, the Dresden band wraps emotional stories in uninhibited and honest songs that combine the best of 2000s pop-punk with a modern indie sound in a groundbreaking way. Through driving instrumentals and catchy melodies, the listener is taken on a journey through the different “floors” of their existence from the very first second, which inevitably leads to a hurricane of intense emotions. Their songs deal with love and affection as well as inner conflict, merciless self-reflection and social criticism. Harmonious, two-voiced alternating vocals and the dialog character of many songs ensure that the music of Seventh Floor feels incomparably alive and multi-layered.

After the band around David Tóth (main vocals, rhythm guitar), Darlene Barnack (vocals, bass), Jonas Krautwurm (vocals, drums) and Paulus Krumrein (lead guitar) reformed in the summer of 2018 in the genre described above, they managed to play some bigger gigs very quickly, e.g. at Homeward Festival, Stadtteich Festival or Local Heroes Sachsen-Finale in Dresden. At the Hometown Festival 2022 they were among others the immediate support act of the Kiel band "Leoniden". Their debut EP "Previous Lights" celebrated its birth in December 2020 as a "Remastered Edition" on all major streaming platforms. The second EP"Souls" saw the light of the music world in November 2021 with the help of a successfully completed crowdfunding and found mention in some major music magazines and radio stations, including MTV Online, The Pick, Frontstage Magazine and Raute Musik ROCK.

If you take a closer look at Seventh Floor, one thing becomes clear very quickly: This band is definitely not just a casual elevator interaction...

Dates 2023

February 3, 2023

Dresden, Club Aquarium

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February 4, 2023


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February 5, 2023

Dresden, Zentralwerk

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March 9, 2023

Freiberg, Tivoli

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March 11, 2023

Dresden, Blechschloss

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May 5, 2023

Dresden, Katys Garage (Fede Releaseparty)

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