Hold On

Vers Should I go and should I give it a try? / My life is ticking in your heartbeat sound, it’s a decision in time / I can´t imagine that I hold your hand and say goodbye, without a sin I´ll and make you mine tonight / Tell me a harmless lie


Chorus  When it´s hard to stay but you could be better off spending time than hold on forever / For the first damn day it would doesn’t matter / We´ve got a chance to wake up together / It´s a long, long way to go / And is it wrong, to complain before?


Vers Should I leave, or should I give it a try? / It might be over when the sun goes down, while looking into your eyes / And for the first time she said "come with me and make me cry, as long as you here my heart will smile / Alright,  I´ve never asked you why


Bridge Are you with me, are you my savior? / Need you to erase our faults we did / Give our story a happy end / Are you with me, do me this favor / We fall asleep together tonight / Tomorrow wake up all on your own